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As far as the common people are concerned, the production of Biogas from bio-waste is an innovative idea. In order to give people proper confidence in this technological advancement, display of such working models / demonstrations and training programs need to be organized. Functional biogas plants will always be more beneficial for such training programs. The establishment of such functional exhibition plants in each area for the benefit of the people in each area is a matter of huge financial liability. In the present scenario, it would take a lot of time to set up such exhibition plants in each place, make it functional and then use it for the people of that area. This is something that hinders the time-bound expansion of such innovative technology. It would be very helpful for those involved in the expansion and promotion of the biogas project if exhibition plants are available in sizes and models that can easily be transported from one exhibition site to the next. Shop now on Amazon for biogas plant models.

For those working in the field of biogas and common people who want to do research in this field, there is a widespread tendency to buy locally available barrels and transform it into digesters when suitable biogas digesters are not available for testing. Not only is the efficiency of these digesters low, but the risk of leakage of gas produced from such digesters is also very high. These digesters will not have the facility for the easy disposal of bio-materials into the digester and for the removal of the processed material out of the digester.
The research division of BIOTECH INDIA initiated efforts to design biogas digesters that are suitable for biogas project research and for conducting awareness programs under the motivation and demands from those working in this field and organizations that promote green energy projects. The main focus while designing this type of digester was to create a model that was simple and easy for anyone to use. From preliminary studies, it was found that while designing digesters for experiments, digesters that are suitable for laboratories and those suitable for display were required. The long-term reusability of such digesters was also considered while designing digesters that are suitable for both these needs. A lab-sized biogas digester was the first to be considered in the design of digesters suitable for practical training.

Nano 160

Biogas Digesters for Experiments

The name "Nano digester" was given to these digesters considering their size. As the name suggests these digesters are of micro level and can be handled very easily. Nano digesters are known as "Nano Biogas plants". The prototype developed primarily for the design of Nano Biogas plants is available under the name 'Nano 45'. As the name suggests, their total volume is 45 liter. The outer covering of the digester and gas collector is made from fiberglass and the metal parts inside are made of galvanized iron. The floating dome model biogas plants have been designed in such a way that their working principle can easily be understood. With each Nano 45 model digester, a 150 cm gas line, gas control valve outside the gas collector, hose collar to be attached to the valve, hose clips for connecting the gas lines, experimental lamps for testing the fuel efficiency of Biogas by burning, additional weight to be placed above the gas collector, inlet tank of the digester, cover for inlet tank, cover for the additional weight placed on top of the gas collector are available as basic equipment. Nano 45 model Biogas plants are mainly used for research purposes. They have been designed in such a way that when more than one bio-material is to be tested, multiple digesters can be arranged in a row to carry out different experiments in each. The Nano 45 model Biogas digesters are also useful for diverse educational institutions such as schools and universities.

Biogas Digesters for Demonstration

Nano V1

Exhibitions are as important as research and development programs in the spread of technology. Live demonstrations can play a significant role in raising public awareness on an advanced technology. It was in such a situation that digesters suitable for exhibitions became necessary to raise the awareness of the public about the production of biogas from bio-waste. Nano 160 model digesters have been designed such that it is suitable for such exhibitions. This biogas plant has a digester of capacity 100 litres and a gas collector having storage capacity of 60 litre. Their digester and gas collector is also made from fiberglass. Through this their long term performance can be ensured. Unlike Nano 45 model biogas plants, a single burner stove is also available along with Nano 160 model plants.
As the biogas production from Nano160 model is more, training programs and exhibitions using single burner stoves can be carried out more efficiently. As these are bigger in size, their weight will also be comparatively higher.

Nano Biogas Plants for Home use

As the number of residential complexes increased with the rise in population, the quantity of waste produced daily also increased considerably. In many places, the timely treatment of waste generated on a daily basis remains a major issue. The current trend of limited number of members in families residing in urban areas is also increasing. In many of the households only aged people are present. The food habits of the people in many households are also changing. The tendency to reduce one's own cooking and rely on online food delivery systems is also increasing day by day. All these also leads to a reduction in the quantity of food waste or kitchen waste generated from households. Even then approximately 500 gm to 1kg of bio-waste is generated on a daily basis from such households.

Nano V2

Even if people living in households, especially flats and apartments in cities wish to install biogas plants for waste treatment, are unable to do so due to space constraints. In the light of the demand from many areas that it would be much more convenient if a suitable biogas plant is made available for such people, necessary steps were taken by BIOTECH to design Nano plants suitable for this and as a result, two plants of the same size but of different diameters were designed. They are Nano 500V1 and Nano 500V2.
The daily treatment capacity of such plants is 500 gm of bio-waste. But under special circumstances this can be raised up to 1kg. Nano 500 V1 has a diameter of 80 cm and height of The Nano 500 V2 model has been designed by reducing the diameter and increasing the height in such a way that it is suitable for those with very little space. Nano 500 model biogas plant is most suitable for those who are interested in producing biogas from a very small quantity of food waste. The most prominent feature of Nano500 model biogas plants is that they can be installed in flats and apartments.



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