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Tower garden

The knowledge about the fact that decentralized waste treatment is the most suitable method for the treatment of bio wastes is leading to the development of different kinds of organic waste treatment equipments. Each of such equipments has its own advantages as well as limitations. For the disposal of organic waste to be a reality, proper techniques should be available for the treatment of different types of waste. Tower Garden is one such equipment that can make the disposal of all types of organic waste in a cost effective way.

Tower Garden

Tower Garden is designed in such a way that even though it looks like a vertical garden, it is an efficient equipment for the treatment of all types of organic waste. Replacement of waste collection bins in public places by the installation of Tower Garden can support in environmental conservation and in controlling air and soil pollution to a greater extent. Shop now on Amazon for biogas plant models.

The Tower Garden consists of a bio composter and a vertical garden. In this device, it is possible to treat all kinds of bio wastes including those, which cannot be treated in traditional biogas plants. It is also possible to treat the liquid bio manure, (slurry) which comes out from biogas plants after treatment of wastes by making use of the Tower garden.

Working of Tower garden

The working of the Tower Garden is very simple.The leftovers of bio wastes obtained on each day can be deposited in the middle chamber of the Tower garden. As and when the centre chamber is filled almost to the half of the pipe, a quantity of about 250 gms of African earth worms can be deposited on the top surface of organic waste.This will hasten the process of waste treatment and the vermi compost obtained in this way can be utilized by the plants and vegetables to grow in health. Tower Garden

The leftovers of bio waste deposited in the middle portion of the Tower Garden will be decayed gradually and will get converted into bio manure. This can easily be absorbed by the vegetable through the holes available in the sides of the centre pipe/chamber and grow in strength.In view of this the bio wastes remaining in the Tower Garden after the treatment need not be removed for a long period of time.

Effective use of biogas slurry/liquid manure in TOWER Garden

The Tower Garden being a complete system of waste treatment process can also be used along with the biogas plant. In the open space available at the top portion of the Tower garden, the bio manure obtained after the treatment of bio wastes by the biogas plant can be poured out. The slurry thus poured out at the top portion of the Tower gardens, will slowly be trickled down to the soil through the holes provided at the sides of the centre pipe, and this can easily be sucked by the plants and vegetables very easily according to the requirements grow in strength.

Suitable plants

The Tower Garden which enables the cultivation of vegetables and the treatment of bio wastes simultaneously at a time will work very efficiently for long periods. As ornamental plants and vegetable can be cultivated at a time, this can be used as on ornamental object and placed in the front portion of the house or the balcony or in Garden of the house. The Tower Garden is thus becoming equipment, which radically changes all the existing concepts about waste treatment.

Sizes available

The Tower gardens are available in different sizes. Suitable models of Tower Garden can be selected taking into consideration the quantity of wastes available in the houses and institutions. The Tower Garden of size 120 cm in height and 45 cm in width is designed in such a way that it is suitable for home use purposes. Two or three Tower gardens can thus be installed in each house or Institution.



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